Broad comic characters for themed events



The Love Boat


       The Love Boat theme has endured decades and remains strangely popular, possibly because it epitomised everything cheesy and lame about American TV culture in the 70ʼs. The idea of Shipboard romance is loaded with cliches and innuendo and gives guests permission to put on their worst American accents, flirt and abandon their […]



bruce 2



Circus  Parties;  There are so many different elements to circus; Side shows, parades, roaming performers, centre stage acts along with  recognisable characters that lend themselves easily to metaphor and  imagination. A circus party will create a vibrant visual  environment that will excite your guests and leave lasting impressions. Here’s  a list of the performers we offer; […]



Elegant Aristocrats to engage and entertain your most esteemed guests. Can be fatuous French, eccentric English or lunatic Latin, revelling in the excesses of the privileged few.        

Gangster Party


  The Venue We recreate “the club”  – a 1920’s speak easy in the days of prohibition, rackets and illegal gambling. Its got everything – A big band,  gorgeous cigarette girls, a smooth MC and a line up of  fabulous entertainment;  singers, dancers  and vaudeville acts. The Occasion We tell everyone this is  a great  occasion – […]

French Duo


Gaston and Fifi are a charming french duo who perform improvised musical comedy for all kinds of corporate events. They sing songs, juggle, tell stories and interact with audiences with disarming french silliness. Gaston and Fifi can roam freely at cocktail parties, emcee grand occasions or even perform their own sit down dinner show full […]

Hollywood Awards Night


George Longshot (famous Hollywood heart-throb) and the Glamorous Gloria Glitter (Casting Agent) have been to a lot of big Tinsel Town Parties. George and Gloria know how to party, and, as your hosts can seriously soup up your next event.! Hear George’s thoughts on truly faking sincerity and how to schmooze with the big money! […]



Concept As they enter  the venue guests are met by the  renowned British Explorer Major Reginald Cuthbert-Smythe and his intrepid, always optimistic  wife, Sybil. They are informed that as  Members of the Royal Geographical Society  they are journeying into Darkest Africa to witness the  rare mating ritual of the Ugandan Dung beetle. Peril at Every turn; restless natives, dreadful […]

Wild West


Everybody can talk like a cowboy. That’s what makes a wild west night so much fun! The idea is to create the look and feel of a rip- roaring Wild West town as portrayed  in the movies. The scene is filledwith every  terrible character  and cliche we can think of  so that guests  easily recognise the […]


  Meet and greet Characters Sea captains, cabin boys, Scurvy cut-throats,  salty sea dogs, Pirate Queens, Buccaneers, Privateers, Deck swobbers, ship’s cooks, ship’s doctors, Shanty singers with fiddles and squeeze boxes, Peter Pan, Jack Sparrow, parrots with wooden legs… Treasure Hunt Depending on the size of the group we can arrange a treasure hunt that is either deviously clever, […]

Bollywood Party

snake lady

  As the Guests arrive they are met with a lively Indian street scene; there are the beggars, chai wallahs, rug salesmen and street vendors all vying for business. Inside the door we see the Bollywood film making set – Enthusiastic Indians in colourful dress, slick shades and big Jewelry. They are informed that  they […]

Themed Events


  If you like dressing up to party we can make your theme come alive by  creating a story and populating it with characters, a host, stage acts and a couple of happenings to punctuate the evening. We create a fictitious reason for your guests to be there, which permits them to get into the […]

Broad comic characters for themed events


Hollywood, Bollywood, Jungle, Wild west, Arabian nights, Racing, French Broad characters in fabulous costumes with outrageous accents and outlandish attitudes. To flesh out a party theme and make it live, to invite guests to play, break the ice