Comic MCs

Comic and Character MC’s for Conferences and special events.

We create delightful MC characters  by using our expertise in costume,  performance and improvisation.

The MC’s  function is to create a relationship with the audience that’s about  clear delivery of information, working the crowd and having fun. We can ensure that your event runs smoothly and to time, hassle free creating warmth, connection and a rich sense of  occasion.

We know how audiences work, we know how to;

  • Warm them up for keynote speakers,
  • Calm them down when they need to hear something,
  • Get them feeling loose and happy
  • Wake them up if  its late in the day
  • Get them to misbehave, let their hair down.
  • Rev them up when its time to party!

And when the unexpected happens,We know how to fill the gap, how to have fun and make them laugh.

“….I sat by the Community Stage and was entertained by the hilarious  MC Nick Fury – how he managed to fill in 50 mins. of down time due to acts not turning up on time, I will never forget  with his skilful and clever direction, well it was such entertainment!”
– Roni Lawrence, visitor to Moocaboola festival 8/8/2011


so I thank you for your marathon effort on the Continent stage at the Aroma festival – you were a wonderful humorous emcee link between the various acts and kept the program flowing.  As usual your very professional approach to your work was a appreciated by all.

  • Sal Sharah, Sydney Harbour Forshore Authority







Nick Fury is a versatile performer and Emcee. His astute engagement with an audience enables him to successfully navigate diverse performative situations in roles and characters too numerous to mention. His dynamism, quick wit and repartee capture the imagination and passers-by or chatting patrons quickly become attentive and willing participants. In his engagement as Emcee/ Spruiker for Markets by Moonlight every Friday night for four months, Nick enthralled visitors to the Rocks, promoting active participation in nightly shows and events and encouraging repeat visitation to the Market. As ringmaster extraordinaire of the Hoopla Circus and Street Theatre Festival Big Top venue, Nick managed to combine venue housekeeping with humour and had six to sixty years old riveted to their seats.

  • Sofie Gibson, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

Nick Fury Speaks;

“ What I seem to do well as an Emcee is connect with people. They like me. I have a spontaneous, self-effacing sense of humour that gives audiences permission to play up and have fun. I pay close attention to costume, accents and broad characterisation and use those skills to bring themed events to life.

“Many events benefit from up-close mingling performance as a way of breaking the ice. This emboldens and warms people, breaking down the barriers between stage and audience; I have done a lot of it over the years and differentiate myself as an MC with this skill.

“Good audience warm-ups are important for creating the right mood to receive the ensuing speakers. I get audiences clapping, cheering, cooing and whistling, and have a bag of games, exercises and brain-break activities to energise and engage.

“I carry a repertoire of supplementary novelty skills for surprise moments: juggling, body contortion tricks and playing the ukulele. I can conduct musical and dance moments with quizzes and prizes.

“In preparing for an MC role, I feel it’s important to consult closely with the client to highlight key objectives and messages. I work hard at taking a brief and fleshing out concepts to create a coherent context. I’m happy to consult on program issues, self-presentation for speakers and program structure to draw out key messages and maximise audience engagement.

“What kinds of gigs can I MC for? You name it: Parties, Dinner events, Conferences, Festivals, trade shows”

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