Bollywood Party


As the Guests arrive they are met with a lively Indian street scene; there are the beggars, chai wallahs, rug salesmen and street vendors all vying for business.

Inside the door we see the Bollywood film making set

– Enthusiastic Indians in colourful dress, slick shades and big Jewelry.

They are informed that  they are to be cast in a fabulous Bollywood Movie and that they must practice their best Indian Accents, Head wiggling and eyebrow fluttering. There are wonderful prizes to be won!

The MC for the night is the film’s director, Mr Rajif Gupta who keeps the show moving with his boundless enthusiasm, constantly relating scenes from his latest movie and searching for budding stars amongst the Guests

Meet  and Greet Characters 

Street Characters

Stilt walking Girls  with drums

Indian Movie crew (clowns)

Typical Film Characters:

Handsome Leading Man

Glamorous Starlet

Dithering Father of the Bride

Wicked Mother in Law

Indian Sisters

Very fat Betrothed Husband

Villains and Bad Guys

Various Sages and Sadus


With great flourish we bring on the  leading Man and Lady who  perform a smoldering dance   number from the film  –  sexy, flirtatious and high energy.


At a later stage in the evening we get the guests to join in with the  inevitable Blockbuster Dance

number. The dancers  return to teach some classic moves and

everyone gets on the floor.

Highly interactive and great fun!

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