Wild West

Everybody can talk like a cowboy. That’s what makes a wild west night so much fun!

The idea is to create the look and feel of a rip- roaring Wild West town as portrayed  in the movies. The scene is filledwith every  terrible character  and cliche we can think of  so that guests  easily recognise the the genre and feel free to join in the fun .

At the entrance to the venue are  a  pair of  hitching rails,  a watering trough and a set of Swinging Saloon doors  where guests are greeted by the inhabitants of CACTUS – a typical Wild-West town.

The guests are welcomed as “strangers around here” shown over the saloon and introduced to the townsfolk. There is potential to create several settings within the venue; The Saloon, the Whorehouse, the jail, etc

Meet and Greet Characters

There’s The Sheriff and his deputy, the Mayor, the Town Drunk, a Barman polishing glasses and a Piano Player on a honky tonk piano.

There are Rustlers, hustlers, cow pokes, con men prospectors, preachers, good guys in white, bad guys in black, the Ma’am of the whore house and her ladies .









  • MC Characters

Gaining the attention of the crowd by shooting his six shooter in the air, the Mayor is joined on stage by Fanny le Grande,  Ma’am of the Whore house.

Together they welcome the Strangers to Cactus, make necessary announcements and introduce speakers (if required). In hushed tones the Guests are told of the recent jail break by the notorious “Black Pete” and that Pete is on his way into town right now with a gang of bad guys looking for trouble.

  • Side Shows

Extras in foyer;

  • Mechanical Bull
  • Shooting gallery
  • Baked beans  “knock ‘em down” side show
  • Whip cracking rope twirling demonstration
  • Stage Acts

  • Full production Dance routine
  • Scripted Cowboy Monologue
  • Cowboy Song
  • Line Dance routine
  • Whip cracking Act

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