As they enter  the venue guests are met by the  renowned British Explorer Major Reginald Cuthbert-Smythe and his intrepid, always optimistic  wife, Sybil.

They are informed that as  Members of the Royal Geographical Society  they are journeying into Darkest Africa to witness the  rare mating ritual of the Ugandan Dung beetle.

Peril at Every turn;

restless natives, dreadful diseases andferocious animals. Being plucky and British they  must press on, keep a stiff upper lip and take tea punctually at four.

They will be lead across a ravine, through  crocodile infested swamps, impenetrable jungle and on to a camp in a  clearing where they will fed on rotting Wildebeest and Pigmy steaks. Along the way they meet  a cast of crazy characters who bring the Jungle to life.




At a given point in the evening, to a fanfare of drumbeats and excitement we  parade our intrepid explorers  into the room, hung by their feet on poles. They are carried  to a stage where the witch doctor greets them with  a frenzied dance and keening  incantations. They are saved at the last minute by Tarzan who comes bounding through the crowd.  This is a good way to gather people’s attention and to segue into a formal welcome and speeches.

Happening #2 Company CEO  enters carried in a sedan chair. The act would be executed with lavish fanfare, tea and scones optional

Interactive Drumming experience 

To happen in a reveal situation where the group is led into a new room  to discover a drumming band grooving away. There are drums in the space and participants are invited to join the jam led by expert facilitators. This is a highly energising  experience – great fun!

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