Hollywood Awards Night

George Longshot (famous Hollywood heart-throb) and the Glamorous Gloria Glitter (Casting Agent) have been to a lot of big Tinsel Town Parties.

George and Gloria know how to party, and, as your hosts can seriously soup up your next event.!

  • Hear George’s thoughts on truly faking sincerity and how to schmooze with the big money!
  • Allow Gloria to tell you about strategic cosmetic surgery:  why you need it and where to get it
  • Get helpful tips on working a room, making emotional acceptance speeches, crying in public to your advantage…

If you are having an Awards night, George and Gloria like to begin up close, by circulating in the foyer as guests arrive, then, to kick off  the night, they will officially welcome the guests, introduce the events and set your evening  in context.

Throughout the night George and Gloria  are your constant companions, keeping things moving by spreading rumours (about themselves) posing for photoss and making dramatic announcements.

Your awards night will be a night to remember.

Give us a call, lets talk…..

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