The Compliments Booth

…Is an original and fun idea that loosens people up and gets the party started.

This is how it works…

Guests are greeted by an officious character immaculately attired in evening wear. After the proper protocols are observed, they are invited to choose a compliment from the list.

They can have an official or effusive welcome, fawning, flattery, adulation, or even sympathy (if they’ve had a rough day.)

From the specials board they can choose; sweet nothings, foreign romance, a heart- felt apology or even a song….

Our complimenter then launches into soliloquies of sweet words, eulogies of admiration or florid diatribes of acrobatic sycophantry…

The effect on people arriving at a function is immediate; they feel good, loosen up, preen a bit and enjoy a playful moment.

It gets the party going.

Great for bolstering the confidence of wall-flowers and keeps egotists amused for hours!

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