Gangster Party


The Venue We recreate “the club”  – a 1920’s speak easy in the days of prohibition, rackets and illegal gambling. Its got everything – A big band,  gorgeous cigarette girls, a smooth MC and a line up of  fabulous entertainment;  singers, dancers  and vaudeville acts.

The Occasion We tell everyone this is  a great  occasion – The big boss has beaten the rapp, maybe  its a meeting of the clans, or a celebration of a successful Heist.  This involves  the punters in the story – encouraging them to play, talk in their Gangster accents and get into the spirit of the evening.

...looking sharp, celebrating  the forbidden joys of corruption and excess!

  • Meet  and Greet Characters 
  • Big boss and Dopey Henchmen
  • Thugs, murders and Racketeers
  • Flappers in Ostrich feathers
  • Cigarette girls with Lolly trays
  • Policemen on the take
  • The Boss’s Babe
  • Mayor in underpants
  • The Chief of Police
  • The Cardinal
  • The Rival boss
  • The dancers
  • The siren


Introducing Dumb Cousin Tony and his  rude girlfriend Chloe…

“The boss went to a lot of trouble to make this nice for youse, so the least you could do is  shaddupppp!”MC’s run the evening, introduce speakers and stage acts, run competitions, give away prizes.

Side Shows

  • Themed shooting galleries
  • Carnival side shows
  • Boxing ring;  Go three minutes with the champ


  • Various performers on to plinths  acting out silent gangster scenarios; taking bribes, slow motion fist fights etc.
  • Flapper dancers with  cigarette holders
  • Captive tied up in a chair in shirt sleeves, gagged, with a bright light in his eyes
  • Gangster fist fight  being acted out in slow motion on the plinth.


CEO grand entrance as the Godfather

– driven through crowd in 1920’s Chevrolet  to stage. He gets out to address crowd with 3 girls on each arm, thugs in the background.

Police raid; at a point in the evening   sirens blare, lights start flashing and lots of shouting as  police run in with batons. They start arresting people but might be quick to accept a bribe.

Shoot out with loud bangs and falling stuntman.

Stage Acts

  • Honky- tonk Piano player with siren
  • Flapper dancers doing the Charleston
  • Black guy doing a tap dancing routine
  • Themed Juggler, Magician or escape Act.


At one point in the night a gambling den could be revealed opening up a whole new section of the party; blackjack tables and roulette wheels.




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