The Love Boat



The Love Boat theme has endured decades and remains strangely popular, possibly because it epitomised everything cheesy and lame about American TV culture in the 70ʼs.

The idea of Shipboard romance is loaded with cliches and innuendo and gives guests permission to put on their worst American accents, flirt and abandon their inhibitions in a great night of dancing and fun.

We can provide a cast of characters including the charming Captain Stubing, cruise director Julie Mccoy, Gopher, Doc and Isaac who will meet, greet, mingle, Emcee and generally make your evening lots of fun.

The characters make your Party come alive with special comic performances, games, quizzes, competitions and prize give-aways Activities include playing quoits, the Love Boat quiz, doing the limbo, and kooky 70ʻs dancing.

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