Themed Events


If you like dressing up to party we can make your theme come alive by  creating a story and populating it with characters, a host, stage acts and a couple of happenings to punctuate the evening. We create a fictitious reason for your guests to be there, which permits them to get into the spirit of things, and then  all the ensuing entertainment is justified to the theme.

So for example if you’re having  a Gangster evening (which seems to be a perennial favourite) and at some point in the night your CEO wants to give a speech, then we have him arrive in style, maybe in a fancy car, flanked by henchmen and flapper girls on his arm. Then we get the girls to dance the Charleston, followed by a mock police raid. Later in the night we may have a character monologue as a metaphor for what’s going on in your company right now followed by a big band playing hits from the 1920s.

It creates a lasting impression as a party that was done well, and will be remembered and talked about for years to come.












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