The Human Joke Machine




Nick Fury is the Human Joke Machine.

This is a  new idea; an outlandish and effective ice breaker for all kinds of events.

How does it work?

The Human Joke Machine, a crazy contraption with flashing lights and a spinning rubber chicken, cruises through the crowd telling jokes of all kinds. On a computerised touch-screen, guests select from a menu of offerings:  Dad jokes, Man-walks-into-a-bar jokes, dreadful pun jokes, chicken jokes,  Irish jokes, knock-knocks, shaggy dog stories and more. But the act is more than a string of jokes. Nick Fury, its animator, has worked in events for many years, and is a master of working the crowd.

Everyone loves jokes. Nick’s mission is to rescue this disappearing art form and return it to the people!  A Joke Machine gig often culminates in a growing guffawing, gaggle swapping old jokes with escalating glee. It creates laugher, joy and a sense of celebration for the whole crowd.